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From: Greg female bestiality 70 masters
Subject: EMT docker pants 35x30 Tryst - Adult FriendsThis story is a work of fiction. All the usual legal jargon applies. The
characters in this story live in a mpg 5-15 y.o. disease free world, the use of condoms
is not portrayed. The real world is very different, practice safe sex, use
a condom.My name is Craig McFadden, I'm 43 years old, live in the suburbs of Phoenix
and am an EMT with Ladder Company 49. I have a standing date with one of
our fire fighters every Thursday night at eight. Tim Johnson and I met
when I first started working at the fire station, about eight years ago,
and we hit it off immediately. Tim would be any person's perfect catch, as
he is the epitome of what every gay man and straight woman dream of when
they think of their ideal man. Problem is, Tim hasn't quite accepted the
fact that he's gay so we sneek around like two married people, secretly
meeting one another at various places throughout the metropolitan area.
It's rather fun actually and since I'm certainly not wanting to "tie the
knot" I enjoy having a steady fuck buddy.It was on this particular night that I would meet my new neighbor. You
see, it all started as I was backing out of my driveway on my way to meet
Tim. I had double and triple checked to make sure the street was clear and
was extremely surprised, to say the least, when 8 yo girl pussy
I heard the dull thud
followed by the loud howl of pain. I threw the car into park and got out
to see what, or who, I had hit. Laying on the opposite side of the car, in
the gravel, was a bicyclist, his bike, front tire smashed in, was laying in
the street. "Oh my God!" I shouted. "Are you OK?" as I bent down to check
on the bicyclist. "Yeah, I think so, help me up." he replied, handing me
his arm so I could help get him to stand up. "What happened? You weren't
there a second ago 44 gg tits boobs when I looked!" I shrieked. "It's my fault, I came
barreling out of my own driveway, had my head down adjusting my gears and
when I looked up, there was the rear of your car." he said. "Oh your
bleeding, look at your right thigh. C'mon, I'm an EMT, we'll get you
inside and I'll free 14yo pics get you cleaned up and bandaged." I said, completely
forgetting about my date. "Bill, the name's Bill West." He said. "Craig
McFadden, nice to meet you." I replied as I threw his arm around my
shoulder and helped him into the house, leading him to the kitchen. "Here,
have a seat at the table. I need to move the car and then grab my first
aid gear." I said. When I reenter the house, he was examining the damage
on his right thigh. He had been wearing the lycra riding shorts and the
right side had b99 porn all but shredded completely up to the waist band, exposing a
very nice and muscular thigh along with 3 foot dildo
his package. I squatted down to
take a closer look and to also hide the erection that was beginning to
spring up in my pants. "Doesn't look too bad, looks like you just scraped
yourself up good. Your shorts are shredded though. Why don't you slip
those off, I have a pair that I think will 1985 beaver motor coach fit you, plus it'll help me get
you cleaned up. I turned as he stood to remove his shorts and headed to my
bedroom. Coming back with a pair of my shorts, bottle of rubbing alochol
and peroxide, I saw him standing there and thought I was going to cum in my
pants right there. He was completely nude 544 trans co from the waist down, I would
have thought he would have been wearing at least a jock strap.His legs were perfectly sculpted and completly shaved, as the lack of hair
cuts down on the wind resistance, or so we're led to believe anyway. His
cock hung over two beautifully shaped balls and I noticed he kept his pubic
hair trimmed very short as well. I handed him the shorts and squatted down
again to re-examine his leg, and get a much closer look at his cock.
"You've got some pretty good scrapes in here, but nothing that requires
stitches." I said. "That's good, I just started a new job and my insurance
hasn't kicked in yet." Bill replied. "This is going to sting as I wash out
the cuts, you might want to brace yourself." I offered as I began to
irrigate the area with a 16yo legal nude bottle of water. "Hiiissss." Bill drew in his
breath as the water hit the raw skin and jerking a little, the head of his
cock brushed up against my cheek. "Oh God!" I thought as my cock tried to
rip out the zipper in my slacks. "I'm going to put some peroxide on it,
it'll help flush out whatever the water didn't get. It's..." I said but
then was cut off, "...going to 14yo fuck movie
sting, yeah, I know the line." Bill
chuckeled. "Son of a bitch!" Bill shouted as I poured the peroxide over
the scraped and cut 1free porn vidieos galleries skin. "Sorry." I said, looking up and noticing for the
first time that he had sparkling blue eyes, like small pools of water
surrounded by the thickest and longest eye lashes I've ever seen on bleach 208 stream englih a man.
"It's OK, sorry for the swearing." Bill said, looking down at me, a slight
smile spreading across his lips. I looked back down and could swear his
cock had plumped up a little, as well as lengthened. "OK, I need to pat
this dry then I'll put some neopsporyn on it, bandage you up and you should
be good as new. It took me a few more minutes but I soon had him bandaged
and couldn't help notice that his cock was now half hard. "OK, Bill, I
think you can get dressed now." I said just as the door bell rang. I
walked 12 y.o. pictures porno to the door and opened it to see my other neighbor holding Bill's
bike. "Is this yours?" he asked. "No, it's the new neighbor's we had an
accident. He's OK though. Thanks for bringing it up." I said as I took
the bike and without thinking, closed the door in my neighbor's face.
Halfway back to the kitchen I realized what I'd done and made a mental note
to go and apologize to him later. "Hey, I think you're bike is trashed." I
said. Bill had now entered the living room where I was holding his bike,
the front wheel completely caved in, handle bars bent and twisted. "How
much do I owe you for the bike?" I asked. "Nothing, it was my fault, I
told you that." Bill said as he studied his bike. "Yeah, it's trashed,
well, there's a couple thousand dollars down the drain." He quietly said.
"A couple thousand dollars?" I shrieked. "Yeah, it's a touring bike, I'm
getting ready to enter the Tucson 500." Bill said. "Oh man, now I really
feel bad. Listen, at least let me file an insurance report. That should
either pay for a new bike or maybe half of 3 cum ass preview it." I said. "Seriously, you
don't need to do that. It's fine, I'll take care of it." Bill said. As he
reached for the bike, he swooned and fell backwards, landing, thankfully,
on my overstuff couch. "WHOA! What the hell?" Bill said, shaking his
head. "Did you hit your head on anything?" I asked. "Not that I can
remember." Bill said. "Maybe it's just the shock of the accident, but you
really need to be watched tonight. Why don't you stay here, you can crash
in the fucking feet 13yo spare room. I'll come in and check on you." I offered, secretly
hoping that I might be able to check on something else."Yeah, maybe you're right, I suddenly don't feel so good. Where's your
bathroom, I think I'm going to be sick!" Bill shouted as he tried to stand.
I ran 1984 playboy pornstars over, helped him up and guided him down the hall to the bathroom. We
didn't quite make it there before he started throwing up. Luckily though I
had installed tiled flooring a few years ago, all I would need to do was
mop up the mess once he was done. I also suddenly remembered my date with
Tim. "Bill, you going to be OK? I need to go make a quick phone call." I
asked. He nodded as he continued to get sick. I quickly explained
everything to Tim, who completely understood, and went back to my patient.
Bill was now lying on the floor, the cool tile making him feel better. I
reached over, flushed the toilet and told him I'd help him into the
bedroom. We carefully stepped illegal 14yr around the mess on the floor in the hallway
and I helped him lay down on the bed. I then quickly cleaned up 3 foot dildo
the mess
and brought him a glass of water and a couple of tylenol. "Here, sip this
and let's see if you can keep a couple tylenol down." I said, handing him
the glass. Bill took the tylenol and continued to sip the water. His
color started to restore after a few minutes of lying down so I was pretty
sure he was just having a reaction to the accident 32 c lingerie and wasn't suffering
from a concussion. "Oh man, that was weird." Bill said. "Feeling better?"
I asked. "Yeah, thanks, what the hell happened?" He asked, looking at me.
"Mild shock, people react differently to it. I just want to make sure you
don't have a concussion. You sure you didn't hit your head?" I asked
again. "Yeah, pretty sure." Bill replied. I keep my EMT equipment in the
spare bedroom, so I fished out my penlight and told him I wanted to check
his pupils. female bestiality 70 masters
Flashing the light in both 7 men cum inside eyes, his pupils responded
normally, another good indication he didn't have a concussion. I then told
him I was going to check him for potential fractures and began with his
jaw. "What a gorgeous square jaw, oh and he's unshaven too. Mmmm mmmm
mmmm, but I do like an unshaven man." I thought to myself. I then moved
down his neck and to his chest. "Oh my, such firm pecs and his nipples are
hard. Ummmm....." I thought as my hands moved down to his stomach. "Mind
if I 14yo fuck movie
lift up your shirt? It'll help me be able to feel if you've ruptured
anything." I asked. "Sure, no problem!" Bill replied. It really wouldn't
help me do anything blue jeans size 32x36 more than check out his abs, of which they were ripped
and firm with a nice happy trail of fur leading into the waist band of the
shorts. I moved on to his thighs, being very careful to avoid the bandaged
area. I noticed the lump in his shorts was getting larger, "Oh good, this
is having the desired effect." I thought. My hands were trembling as I
rubbed and massaged his girls nude under 16
thighs, moving down to the calves of his legs.
"Ummmm...that feels good." Bill purred. I glanced up, docker pants 35x30 his eyes were closed
and he had his hands behind the back of his head. "OK buddy, roll over,
need to check out the back." I said patting his good thigh. Bill did as
was instructed only this time, he removed his shirt completely. His back
was just as delicious as his front, his shoulders were wide and massive and
he had another pleasure trail of fur that led from the small of his back
down fucking feet 13yo
into the waist band of his shorts. I began to massage his back for
him, moans and sighs escaped his lips as I worked his tense muscles. "Hang
on, if we're going to do this, let's do it right." Bill said as he lifted
up and pulled his shorts down, kicking them off with his feet."OH MY GOD!" I screamed in my head. Before me lay the perfect ass. Tight,
compact, firm, a very light dusting of golden blonde hair that started in
the crack of his ass and fanned it's way out. He didn't trim his ass hair,
course I guess there wouldn't be any need to do that and it was
magnificent. It took all the control I had to keep from spreading his
cheeks apart and diving in. But I did control myself as my hands gently
worked the beautful firm mounds of his ass. I moved lower so now I was
working the bottom of his 20 rope chain necklace ass cheeks while working the top of his thighs as
well. Bill spread his legs for me, offering me the perfect view of his ass
and balls, the tip of his cock peeking out from under his balls. "Oh fuck!
Is that a drop of precum on his cock?" I panted to myself as I continued to
work his legs. 11 yo galleries porn Bill continued to sigh and moan his appreciation,
occasionally he would lift up, as though he was adjusting his cock. I soon
reached his feet and once I was done with those, gently slapped his
beautiful ass and told him that the massage was over. Bill rolled over on
his back and his rock hard cock slapped against his stomach. His cock was
beautiful, cut, it docker pants 35x30 had to be at least eight inches long and slender with a
big mushroom head on it. I stared at it, 13 yo girls sexphotos licking my lips. "Sorry, I get
rock hard whenever I get a massage." Bill said as he reached for the
blanket to cover himself up. "DAMN! So close..." I screamed inside my
head. Instead I stuttered out, "It's, 3 foot dildo
WOW! OK, man, I mean, shit
happens...yup..shit happens.." I knew I was blushing, I could feel the
heat rise from my toes and spread throughout my body. "Listen, if you
don't mind, I'm gonna close my eyes and take a little snooze." Bill said,
his hand cupping his still hard cock. free 14yo pics "Uh no..no..uh..I don't mind, don't
mind at all. Holler if you need anything, seriously, if you need ANYTHING,
just holler." I said as I stood and headed for the door. "Hey Craig!
Thanks!" Bill said as I closed the door behind me. I ran to the bathroom,
shucked my pants down to my ankles and jacked my cock furiously. I know he
had to have heard me groan as my cum shot out the end of my cock and
spattered the bathroom sink. I fotos nonude 18 quickly cleaned up my mess, throwing the
toilet paper I'd used into the toiled and flushing. 14yo fucking pics As I entered the
hallway, I heard a slight moan come from his room. I quickly walked down
there and stopped when I heard the tell tale rustling sound of a hand
jacking a cock against material. I peeked through the cracked door just in
time to see his cock shoot, ropes of cum splashing over his stomach. My
cock immediately sprang to life as I watched him slowly stroke the rest 1free porn vidieos galleries
the cum out of his spent cock. I heard him whisper, "Fuck, I need to get
my cock in his ass." 32 c lingerie
as he wiped the cum off his stomach and licked it from
his hand. I bit down hard as another orgasm hit and I felt the front of my
underwear become soaked in another load. "And you shall have my ass Bill,
you shall have it." I chuckeled to myself sexy 16yo
as I turned and headed to my
bedroom to get cleaned up.Stay tuned for more.....
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